L'inertie d'à côté

When I was young, I wasn’t able to sleep in a car. Each weekend we were driving to visit my grandparents but the ride on the highway was always boring. I was spending most of my time looking out of the window the landscapes which were passing before my eyes. I liked to imagine how life would be in these villages which I was seeing during a few seconds from the highway.

Echoing these memories, "L'inertie d'à côté" is a pretext to explore Quebec landscapes in the surroundings of Montreal. Driving hundreds of miles through secondary road, I wander among these static spaces of which we might have forgotten the existence. The highways which diverting the flow of visitors minimized the space of these places on the road map. Through this series of photographs taken in winter, I want to show the latency of these landscapes where time seems stopped. Contrasting with my process defined by a short and fast presence, I pass through these forgotten places, disturbing for a few minutes the overwhelming silence.

(2017 - ongoing)